Trailer text

Trailer text
This movie begins with a story [“Once upon a time…”]

A story that starts at the dawn of time [powers of 10]

When infinitely small particles [powers of 10]

Assembled themselves to build the primitive forms of life. [powers of 10]

Microorganisms collaborated [microscopic life]

And invented entire civilizations of cells living together as single bodies [cells together]

Giving birth to vegetal [plant] and animal life [animal].

Then plants and animals built their own societies,

Leading to entire ecosystems composed of billions of beings living together [savana Serengeti]

Trees and plants, forests [camera following a tree down to the ground in forest],

Flocks [flock of birds], schools [school of fish], colonies [ants], herds [herds], families [lions], clans [monkeys]…

From the very small [amoebia] to the very big [whale].


Enter the late comers: humans. [human shape]

They organized themselves in small groups, villages, tribes, [village in native population]

And later built entire civilizations of their own,

From ancient Egypt [Ancient Egypt]

To current modern superpowers [NYC]

So far, big organizations could only exist in pyramidal and centralized forms [pyramidal CI]

Nations [flags], companies [brands], religions [symbols], administrations [building], armies [parade]…

Pyramidal collective intelligence has accomplished great things, [Eiffel Tower, Intl space station]

However power remains concentrated in the hands of a few [fast series of power people along history]

Which keeps society trapped in a paradigm that doesn’t work anymore. [series of photos]


Does the story end here?



Human collective intelligence evolves [interconnected world]

People invent new collectives, [logos social networks]

distributed and decentralized, peer-to-peer, self-regulated [holomidal CI chart]

Local and global [zoom out from Earth],

Where everyone can co-create [Minecraft], contribute [kick starter], innovate [Thingiverse], make decisions [Loomio],

In a collaborative economy [Image collaborative economy].


This movie will explore how humanity reinvents itself, [“We are the 99%”]

And how social engineering, coordinated by communityware, [OS software logos]

has become the most efficient way to co-create the future. [creative commons]

From energy [smartgrid] to arts [3D printed art],

From science [zooniverse] to production [3D printers],

From education [MOOCs] to food [CSA],

A new human society redesigns itself. [transition pyramidal to holomidal chart].


We will share the story of collective intelligence [ants inside letters]

We will see how the I plays in the We [zoom out from pixels or parts]

And how the We plays in the I [leading to a face]


The way a collective designs itself

determines the way it sees reality,

and the way it innovates. [summary of differents forms of CI + pictures]


The New Republics

Humanity reinvents itself

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  1. George Pór

    how can i contribute to the Google doc?

    • jf

      Hi George! Right now I keep the Google Doc open to a small circle in which I feel happy to include you. 🙂 Wishing you the best!

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